Thursday, October 15, 2009

Climate Change, a few days late, but it is my part.

Global Warming, Climate Change, whatever you want to call it, there is evidence.

The first thing I tell people to do is watch An Inconvienent Truth. The layout of the movie is a slide show, and everything besides Al Gore's biography is statistics on Global Warming from governments and scientists. This alone shows that is happening and is more than enough proof.

Another thing that is important is what can you do to stop it. An Inconvenient Truth is now 4 years old, and there is a lot more information and ingenuity coming out every month. Whats most important is "What can I do to stop the rapid warming?" The most extreme and useful examples for one person is to not use gasoline, and go all-electric for your car. But this takes a lot of money and the infrastructure is being built, but isn't there yet, so an all-electric car isn't worth the hassle yet. You can buy a hybrid and use that instead, using less gasoline than in a normal car in the long run if you keep it for a number of years.

But, the most useful thing you can do as a citizen of Sol 3 (Planet Earth) is to recycle your cans, glass, and paper. Recycling takes less energy than using new materials every time, which means in most cases, that less CO2 goes into the atmosphere which has been proven to be a greenhouse gas. This also saves money in production, mining, etcetera, an economic reason. The reason they are more expensive is because there is higher demand. You can also buy local, which uses less gasoline for shipment, and also supports local businesses, an economic reason. There are so many other ways you can diminish your carbon footprint. It will never be 0, that is impossible without dying, but you can always make it smaller. Anyways, the Earth can support us breathing and eating, but not when we put more CO2 than the Earth can replenish.

Long Live Planet Earth.

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