Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our only home...

We must protect our home, and need to reverse global warming through stopping using fossil fuels and destabilizing our atmosphere's balance. Look at any scientific article written and they all say the same thing. But, unfortunately, too many people get their news from unreliable resources that distort facts and lie, and the facts of science need to use another newsfeed to spread the word of an inconvenient truth. This is why I am going to participate in blog action day this year. Register your blog at:

It is our only home. It deserves our respect and we must take care of it. JOIN NOW!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SOGO, college begins, and old friends....

As always, on Sunday I went to SOGO. The Sleeping Beauty by Tschaikovsky is amazing of course, and we are playing it well in the back, with the front needing to do a bit of work before November.

I spent Monday and yesterday at the college, but got back to Capital in time for lunch. I took the bus those two days to and from school. Lots of time in the library doing stuff.

Yesterday German started. It was really nice to finally take it, and I refreshed some things I have known for a while. It should get new things soon. The teacher is cool. I went on to in the library and found how they have expanded and now do more things. I am going to master their German word set.

Today I went to Lacey with my Mom to get my permit, but the line was too long so I couldn't get it, because we had to go to my middle school to pick up my brother. I was in the parking lot talking to Mom and I looked near the entrance and saw someone I knew two years ago in middle school. We talked for about five minutes and we summarized the past two years in everything we haven't said on myspace. I was going to ride my bike home today too, but my tire was flat, and when I tried to fix it it wouldn't work right, so I will do it correctly tomorrow or Friday.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The past week... lots of school!

Over the past week, SOGO has started. We are playing un-arranged music from Sleeping Beauty, which is really cool. Brass choir is awesome as always.

School keeps going on. I went over to the college a couple times and rode my bike to school which is about 11 miles from my house on Tuesday and Thursday. It was a fun ride. I also went to Griffin Monday through Thursday to help at Griffin's library. I straightened and balanced shelves, and got a few extra community service hours. I spent most of today in the library reading and browsing. I finished my reading for history next week, which feels good. I'll try to stay ahead and maybe get a few chapters ahead this weekend, which would feel really good.

Running Start starts next week!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I am remembered at my alma mater

Today was what these two weeks are going to be like, go to two classes and then I'm done with school for the day.
I rode my bike to school with one of my friends, and traveled the 11.5 miles in 55 minutes, averaging 12 miles per hour approximately. Pretty good, in my opinion.
I went to my two classes, and then the college by bus where I finished paying for my classes. I rode the bus back to high school where I ate lunch, and then rode my bike back to my grandparents, about 5 miles. While there I played some Grieg, Debussy, and Beethoven on the piano.
I then decided to go to my middle school which is a five minute bike ride away from there, if that much. I dropped by our friends' fruit stand next to the school, and then parked my bike. I walked in, said hello to some friends and walked into the library.
In 8th grade I spent almost every recess in the library and while there I shelved books and straightened shelves. I did both of these again and helped a kindergarten student find some comic books. Then while I was straightening shelves in the non-fiction section near where the windows are, a 5th or 6th grader came up to me and started asking me to do the llama dance, which I did a lot during middle school. It consists of saying: "Llama rock, llama rock, llama llama llama rock. Llama shuffle, llama shuffle, llama llama llama shuffle. Llama tweest. Llama tweest. Llama old school." I was amused, and one of my friends said that the people around my age remember me for who I am, but the elementary schoolers remember me for my crazy antics. This was really funny, and I hadn't thought about the stupid song for about a year if that short a time period. When I read this post several years from now will probably laugh again. My Mom picked up my brother and then went shopping, our librarian left and I rode my bike the remaining 6 miles. I have had a quiet evening, having already rode 23 miles today. A good day.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First day of school

A pretty good first day. I have two classes in the morning, band and IB English. I then have the rest of the day free. In band we got our syllabus, and in English we learned about each other.

I then went over to the community college where I am going to start running start on September 21. I forgot to pay for one of my classes, and talked with one of my friends for a while and got my ID card. I went home around noon and then rode the bus back to my high school. There I ate lunch with another one of my friends and then hung out in A pod and wandered around the school. I was in the library in the end, and went to my grandparents on the "yellow limousine" or school bus.

I rode my bike for a little bit when I got home and basically am resting.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Dancing, church, and fun.

From Tuesday to Friday, September 1-4, all I really did was hang around the house. We have watched a good amount of tennis, as I am watching while I write this.

Saturday and Sunday however, were a bit like one day to me. I went to a dance at the local Mormon church. I hung out for the first hour or so with my brother and our friend, and then about an hour later one of my friends arrived. We talked a bit and danced. About 4-5 years too late. I'm slow. It was fun. I didn't know too many other people there, though there was one couple that goes to my school.

Sunday I slept for about 3 hours total and then went back to the church to go to service. It has been a long time since I went to church, about maybe 9-10 years. I enjoyed it, don't think I want to join the church, but will definitely go back with my friends. The rest of the day was spent with our friends that invited me hanging around the house.

And that brings the chronology up to today, with lots of de-cluttering planned.

Excited for school to start, but I will miss having so much free time. :)