Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Predictions for the next Decade.

Most of these I have heard, and these are the ones that I think are going to probably happen.
In Technology:
Hard Drives are going to stop being used and Flash memory is going to become the only current form of data storage used because of its capacity and size.
The internet is going to become even more available in our every day lives.
All video game systems are going to be wireless in the next generation because of ease and lack of cords.
Mice and keyboards produced will all be wireless.
Computers will be able to attach to newer mice and keyboards from hardware inside of them.
Skype will be used by more people. I'm not sure if it will continue to be free.
All major cell phones will be smart phones by 2015.
Cell phone service will be expanded to include all of America and Canada where people live.

In Politics:
The PATRIOT ACT will be repealed.
The European Union will become more economically balanced East to West.
The Republican Party will die out if they don't change their platform the way they did in 1908 and will be replaced by the more moderate Blue Dog Democrats.
Gay people will have the same rights as Blacks and Women.
The Stimulus package will work faster than the New Deal because the fear of communism in the country is less and we will be recovered by 2012. I base this on the fact that during Hoover's presidency the economy continued to fail and GDP slowed, and after the passage of the New Deal in 1933 the GDP increased. We will not need a large war because of the Socialist propaganda in the 1930s.
People will start learning how the economy works in High School to prevent future economic meltdowns.
China and Cuba will become more moderate economically.
Muslims around the world will unite and decide to worship all 5 pillars of Islam. Not Jihad.
The War on Terror will be won. If every free nation pitches in the time will be decreased and lives will be saved.
The best way to defeat the terrorists is to teach Muslims in the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa how to read in their native tongues and make sure they have a Koran they can refer to when the Terrorist recruiters/Preachers come to their village.
The Far Right

In Transportation:
Buses will become more convenient in America.
Fuel efficiency will become higher to popular demand no matter what fuel source we use.
We will see Plug-in stations for cars pop up all around the world. Electric cars will become more efficient, available, and reliable. They will all eventually be able to be plugged in.
Global Warming will not happen if we limit the amount of gases we put in the atmosphere from transportation, and this will make the conservatives happy, but they will forget all of the change in their arguments.
We might see Hydrogen Fuel Cells used by the end, but that will take a long time or impressive leadership like this world has never seen.

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