Saturday, September 6, 2014

Carbon, why not silicon?

I love technology, and I do see it as offering a lot of amazing answers to the future. Over the 20th century we developed batteries to store electricity better than before. With new carbon-fiber batteries we are able to store more electricity in a smaller space with shorter charging times and longer discharging times. This has enormous potential for the future of electric cars which will make them be able to carry electricity through the whole vehicle which Volvo is currently working on, the reduced weight means extra efficiency which means a longer range. The other advantage of short charging times means that people will be able to drive them as they would an internal combustion engine powered car and save enormous amounts of money and energy. This is currently being developed and in the next five years will yield enormous benefits to all people without significantly damaging the environment. Tesla has already made their current cars charge extremely quickly, and improving the technology once their patent expires will make electric cars the dominant car on the road.

The other piece of the puzzle is that silicon batteries are currently being developed and offers better storage than other forms of batteries. Hopefully this will hit the market soon which will allow better storage which then will make electric cars even more realistic and affordable for people. This will reduce the carbon footprint of humanity, helping to stall global warming in the long run.

This is why I am a proud technophile and optimistic about the future. This future is now.

References:;jsessionid=208C96025E476AB21334B13EAC8C60C5 has information on the silicon air battery

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McDare said...

I love your analyses of our world and its possibilities! You are so able and willing to be a leader.