Thursday, April 17, 2014

Canonical Needs Google and Google needs Canonical

There is really only one truly great seamless operating system in today's market, and that operating system is without a doubt Ubuntu. I've found Ubuntu to be the fastest, easiest to use, and most reliable operating system I've ever used. As long as programmers use standard code, such as HTML 5 for videos and don't try pulling any funny stuff, because HTML can do pretty much anything you want, it will work on every platform. The only reason people can't use Linux with every website is most people don't know how to code and the companies that hire people don't know anything about computers. Hopefully this will change as my generation and people slightly older than my generation take over after these people, assuming they don't work into their 90s God forbid.

There are many reasons why I love Ubuntu and it is my operating system of choice. First of all, it is fast. I have never had an operating system that runs as quickly in my life. Secondly, it is reliable. While Microsoft is in this gigantic phase of having one decent operating system and then changing it to something completely unreliable I won't be able to trust them.

Android has gigantic memory problems which means it is going to lag behind until Google fixes this glaring error. Google's Chromebook which I have tried seriously didn't grab me. Google is not very good at designing operating systems, they are trying to be too brash when the traditional desktop works very well. Canonical is much better.

Microsoft has the problem of producing one good operating system followed by a bad one. Windows 7 was mostly reliable, but not 100%. But it was way better than Vista! Their browser is by far the worst browser of the past 5 years. Memory lag is a gigantic problem, and when they fixed this problem they introduced the problems of Windows 8. 2 out of 5 stars by real people on Cnet is not a rave review. CNET is one of the major sites where technology people go for news, so we are not talking about average users. Microsoft is an unreliable company and they should retreat into the video game market.

Apple makes all of their products too expensive, overcharge for underpowered hardware, and my iPad (which is only 2 years old) crashes more than any other device I have ever owned. Being so closed source seriously limits their ability to seriously penetrate the market along with everything being overpriced (it's worth mentioning twice).

This leaves only one truly excellent operating system in the world which is Ubuntu. After 7 years of using Ubuntu on a daily basis I have never lost a single file on my Ubuntu partition. It is fast and the programs are able to almost seamlessly work within the operating system even though almost none of them are made by Canonical. It is stable, reliable, and easy to use. Because of this it is my favourite operating system by far and my next phone will have the Ubuntu OS if they release it. They will take over the market and there will be no other competition once they enter.

The only problem is it doesn't have other companies work with them. Valve has done a remarkable job porting games over to Linux operating systems which is increasing frequently and as more games available people will move to the most reliable computer company in the world. The other company that needs to work with Canonical (which I fully believe will be the future) is Google because they can't make an operating system half as good. If Google brings back Google Earth and improves Chromium on Ubuntu they will see immense progress. The second step Google should do is move Youtube from Flash to HTML 5 over the next year which will significantly improve the quality and speed of Youtube and how it works with all modern platforms. At that point it won't require any special software on any modern OS. Any Operating System today that doesn't support HTML 5 is not modern. Not only is HTML 5 extraordinarily functional but like Python it is easy to code, which makes it the only base code for websites.

With all of these in place we should see Ubuntu become a major operating system which will lead to a more stable computer market which will allow people to have a stable operating system.

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