Monday, August 31, 2009

Hanging out

The past week has been a typical summer week for me. Most days I have just hung out around the house doing stuff, and we have picked blackberries a lot.

I have done a good bit of genealogy, because I found on one side of my families a supposed connection to German royalty. I need to proof it, and there are too many genealogy sites where cousins have posted information for me to completely discount it.

I went for a boat ride yesterday around the sound, it was fun and was the first time in two years I had gone on a boat ride.

I am disappointed we are not going to Canada this year. We were going to go, but one week ago I completely lost it and instead we are going to Mount Saint Helens.

I have started to practice my trumpet a lot more over the past week, and I can hear the difference 30 minutes a day makes.

Band has already started, tomorrow and Wednesday I have a band practice, which is going to be fun. I had one on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week too.

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