Saturday, August 15, 2009


On August 7th and 8th I hung out with Giorgi at Evergreen. There wasn't too much to do. I also swam a couple of times.

On August 9th there was the picnic. It was really cool and I joined in with other scientists with the nice Native Americans who are there every two years cooking for us in a dance, followed by an evening session of talks. It was easy to follow them.

On August 10th there was the phage meeting. It was easy to understand what they were talking about, and there were a few talks about S. Aureus which I am interested in. The afternoon session talked about genomics, and I didn't understand a lot of it, so I hung out in the area around Betty's office and went swimming.

On August 11th there were talks about Agriculture, which was interesting hearing about, and in the afternoon they talked about Phage commercialization which was easy to understand and very interesting. I invited an old friend to my myspace.

On August 12th they talked about Human Phage therapy. I listened to most of the talks, and enjoyed most of it. It is saddening to me how we need to reprove how well bacteriophages work, which have been every day in Georgia for the past 80 years.

On August 13th the morning talked about genomics a little more and lysis in the afternoon. I went swimming and in the afternoon listened a little about phage lysis, not that I understood much.

Yesterday, August 14th, I went to Mount Rainier. One of the vans broke down on the way up and it was a pain in the rear getting everyone back down. It was also bad weather for climbing the mountain, with clouds everywhere. If there is a meeting again, I hope it will be a better trip to the mountain.

Today I took George, his grandmother, and another Georgian to the airport with Mom and Dad. As of writing this I already can't wait until he comes back. I might go to Georgia before he comes back to America, but who knows. I spent the rest of the day at home. While at home I played on the Wii and looked at the Everybody votes channel. They asked who shot first, Han Solo or Greedo. I thought about it and after weighing the options and variables, stupid bounty hunter versus man who just lost the only woman he ever loved up to that point, think that Han would be more likely to shoot first. He was already in a mood. This is based off of the Han Solo Trilogy mainly. Great trilogy.

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Spokesthingy said...

You are absolutely right that it is a shame that we have to reinvent phage therapy when it is being used successfully every day to treat infections which cause deaths and amputation here in North America. Dr Kutter called it hubris - I recently gave the following talk at a MENSA annual gathering!
"Phage Therapy and Bullshit: Choosing to let patients with superbug infections die rather than phage them - getting beyond the bullshit!" (see ).