Thursday, September 10, 2009

I am remembered at my alma mater

Today was what these two weeks are going to be like, go to two classes and then I'm done with school for the day.
I rode my bike to school with one of my friends, and traveled the 11.5 miles in 55 minutes, averaging 12 miles per hour approximately. Pretty good, in my opinion.
I went to my two classes, and then the college by bus where I finished paying for my classes. I rode the bus back to high school where I ate lunch, and then rode my bike back to my grandparents, about 5 miles. While there I played some Grieg, Debussy, and Beethoven on the piano.
I then decided to go to my middle school which is a five minute bike ride away from there, if that much. I dropped by our friends' fruit stand next to the school, and then parked my bike. I walked in, said hello to some friends and walked into the library.
In 8th grade I spent almost every recess in the library and while there I shelved books and straightened shelves. I did both of these again and helped a kindergarten student find some comic books. Then while I was straightening shelves in the non-fiction section near where the windows are, a 5th or 6th grader came up to me and started asking me to do the llama dance, which I did a lot during middle school. It consists of saying: "Llama rock, llama rock, llama llama llama rock. Llama shuffle, llama shuffle, llama llama llama shuffle. Llama tweest. Llama tweest. Llama old school." I was amused, and one of my friends said that the people around my age remember me for who I am, but the elementary schoolers remember me for my crazy antics. This was really funny, and I hadn't thought about the stupid song for about a year if that short a time period. When I read this post several years from now will probably laugh again. My Mom picked up my brother and then went shopping, our librarian left and I rode my bike the remaining 6 miles. I have had a quiet evening, having already rode 23 miles today. A good day.

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