Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SOGO, college begins, and old friends....

As always, on Sunday I went to SOGO. The Sleeping Beauty by Tschaikovsky is amazing of course, and we are playing it well in the back, with the front needing to do a bit of work before November.

I spent Monday and yesterday at the college, but got back to Capital in time for lunch. I took the bus those two days to and from school. Lots of time in the library doing stuff.

Yesterday German started. It was really nice to finally take it, and I refreshed some things I have known for a while. It should get new things soon. The teacher is cool. I went on to in the library and found how they have expanded and now do more things. I am going to master their German word set.

Today I went to Lacey with my Mom to get my permit, but the line was too long so I couldn't get it, because we had to go to my middle school to pick up my brother. I was in the parking lot talking to Mom and I looked near the entrance and saw someone I knew two years ago in middle school. We talked for about five minutes and we summarized the past two years in everything we haven't said on myspace. I was going to ride my bike home today too, but my tire was flat, and when I tried to fix it it wouldn't work right, so I will do it correctly tomorrow or Friday.

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