Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First day of school

A pretty good first day. I have two classes in the morning, band and IB English. I then have the rest of the day free. In band we got our syllabus, and in English we learned about each other.

I then went over to the community college where I am going to start running start on September 21. I forgot to pay for one of my classes, and talked with one of my friends for a while and got my ID card. I went home around noon and then rode the bus back to my high school. There I ate lunch with another one of my friends and then hung out in A pod and wandered around the school. I was in the library in the end, and went to my grandparents on the "yellow limousine" or school bus.

I rode my bike for a little bit when I got home and basically am resting.

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